Client Feedback

Preparing for Trial

"I began my divorce nearly 4 years ago. I absolutely made the right decision hiring Vessa Wilensky for my case! They had the experience and power to overturn the huge damage my first group of lawyers made at my expense and in favor of my husband! There are not many law firms willing to take on such a challenge! Michael and Philip Vessa are an amazing team, very smart, protective and compassionate. Philip has the amazing power of the pen, analytics and accounting. Philip was my "Deputy" and Michael has the power of 35 years of experience with a reputation of mastery at trial, my "Sheriff". They made my gut wrenching experience bearable and even at times do I dare say, fun? These men won issues in court over and over again which resulted in my ex-husband caving! The court decision I desperately needed came down dramatically just 24 hours prior to our trial date and in the end we settled out of court. Only professionalism could have resulted in such an outcome!" Diane A., Old Brookville, New York

"Five years ago, I decided I needed out of an unhealthy marriage. I was married to a very well known, well-liked, highly successful, powerful attorney. I met with Mike Vessa on a very strong recommendation. He gave me his full attention as he educated me on my rights as a mother and wife in NY state. He also took the extra time and genuine care to make me feel I was never stuck in any situation. When my marriage took another negative turn, I retained the firm and began working with Kenneth Wilensky since I was still nervous about going full force into "divorce". Ken Wilensky was very empathetic to my needs. Vessa Wilensky considered my needs to maintain a good relationship with my husband as to preserve the children's strong relationship with their father. They just "get it". During the case, I was left no choice but to shift into a higher gear. Without hesitance Mike Vessa strolled into court for me and walked out within 30 minutes with a win. I was left with my mouth open. I was also as fortunate to meet and work with Philip Vessa, a prince! He was available and accurate for any calls or concerns I had the entire way. There are many attorneys out there. I never considered switching once, which many of my friends have. I have referred them many times and will continue to. Thank you, Mike, Philip and Kenneth for making another rite of passage in my life work out for the best!" Lauren S., Brookville, New York

"I could not be happier with the outcome of my case. The nature and difficulty of my case was matched only with the professionalism and dedication shown by Mike Vessa. It was an experience to be able to watch him in court. When I think of a great trial lawyer, I now think of Mike Vessa in a courtroom, not an actor on TV. I am very thankful I had Vessa Wilensky in my corner." James R., New York, New York

"The partners and staff of Vessa Wilensky were more comforting than I ever thought possible. Philip was extremely caring towards my needs and oversaw my deposition with authority and complete thoroughness. Malana, the paralegal at the firm, was always very quick to respond and was always there when I needed her. Overall, I am extremely happy with the way they all handled my case. If I ever need to seek out the services of a law firm again, Vessa Wilensky is certainly my number one choice." Tamara P., Huntington, New York

"When I think about Michael, Ken and Philip, two words come to mind. The first is protector. They were always there for me and my husband 24/7. No matter when or why we called, no matter how trivial, the problem was addressed and taken care of immediately. They always kept us apprised of all information pertaining to my auto accident. The second is pit bull. I say that lovingly. They aggressively took my case, pursued it and "never let go" until they were happy that they got the best financial award to compensate me for my accident. I would be remiss if I didn't say something about their paralegal, Malana, as well. Compassion and understanding reside in one's heart. Malana's heart is full. What an asset she is to their firm. I am so grateful that the Vessa Wilensky law firm was recommended to me and I certainly will recommend them to anyone who may need their services." Carole C., Long Branch, New Jersey

"Thanks to Ken and Phil, I am now able to lead a peaceful life after my divorce. A simple 'thank you' is not enough. I can only say may God bless you all." Shahida K., Hicksville, New York

"Your professionalism on my case was beyond compare and you are truly a credit to your craft. We couldn't have been more pleased than to be represented by a firm of your caliber. The award has been an incredible help to us at a time when there are lot's of things still up in the air. Malana, your paralegal, is the unsung hero of the firm in my eyes. It was always pleasant to hear from her. You have a good heart Malana, and I feel privileged to have made your acquaintance, it gives me great comfort to know that there are folks in the world out there like you." Raymond B., Williamstown, Massachusetts

"My wife and I were able to conclude our divorce amicably, inexpensively and fairly through mediation. Thank you, Vessa Wilensky, P.C." Alex and Eleanor G., New York, New York

"My wife and I were delighted with the outcome of our case. Although the trial was nerve racking, Vessa Wilensky, P.C. handled us and all phases of the trial with great dignity and professionalism." Desmond D., Miami, Florida

"All of my fears and concerns about my case were addressed with compassion and patience." Clorinda B., Garden City, New York

"My future and my injuries were as serious to Mr. Vessa and Mr. Wilensky as they were to me." Jim N., Queens, New York

"The attorneys and staff at Vessa Wilensky, P.C. explained every step of the legal process to me and to my young son and advised us on the best course in concluding my son's case." Rob B., Charlotte, North Carolina

"Although our case was rather complex, the attorneys at Vessa Wilensky, P.C.and their staff were a pleasure to deal with." Rhoda B., Manhasset, New York

"I was so well taken care of by Vessa Wilensky, P.C. in my divorce that I have referred at least 10 other people to them over the years." Debbie L, Massapequa, New York

"Vessa Wilensky has exceeded my expectations of professionalism and personal support during the most difficult time of my life, divorce. The firm protected my children and myself from adverse events in a diplomatic, and humanistic manner. I always felt confident that Michael, Philip, and Ken had my best interests at heart. Clearly, divorce can be expensive; however, the firm did not take advantage of the divorce in order to attain their own gain. They successfully protected my assets. I trusted Michael explicitly with the divorce proceedings and he assured me with facts the status of my legal issues. If you are headed for divorce I highly recommend Vessa Wilensky, P.C." Debbie M., Garden City, New York

"Vessa Wilensky, P.C. got me a great result in my divorce case. I felt well taken care of and would recommend them to anybody!" Denise C., Massapequa, New York

"Mike and Ken are truly excellent attorneys. They know their stuff, are compassionate and worked hard to get me a great result." Ahmad A., Duvall, Washington

"Mike, Philip and Ken were quick to respond whenever we needed them and communicated with us every step of the way. They were understanding and compassionate and fought aggressively to protect us and our interests in Court. We could not have been happier with the outcome of our case and would strongly recommend them to anyone who needs their services." Lorraine C., North Bellmore, New York

"Philip Vessa was wonderful dealing with my problems on an ongoing day to day basis. He and the partners worked very well together on my case." Debbie N., Malverne, New York

"Michael, Philip and Ken were all lifesavers during my case. They were really committed to both my well-being and to getting results. I don't know where I would be without them." Terry B., Nassau County, New York