Personal Injury Lawyers

Long Island, New York Personal Injury Lawyers

The firm of Vessa Wilensky, P.C. has been successfully litigating serious and complex personal injury matters throughout New York State for decades. Among the matters handled by the firm's attorneys are motor vehicle accidents, defective products, motorcycle accidents, serious disfigurements, premises liability, brain injuries, construction accidents, work place accidents, slip and fall accidents, dog bites, eye enucleation and vision loss, municipal liability, negligent transmission of herpes and other serious personal injury matters.

Some of their results achieved include:

Matter of S. v. Y. Corp. — $8,950,000 (total lifetime payout in excess of $20,000,000 and waiver of $1,200,000 compensation lien); (Supreme Court, New York County — Complex brain injury)

• L. v. M., et. al. — $6,400,000 (Supreme Court, Queens County, New York - below the knee amputation)

C.S. and J.S. v. C.H. and M.J. — $1,190,000 (Supreme Court, Suffolk County, New York — Brain injury; rib fracture)

D. v. X. — $1,080,000 (Federal Court, Southern District, New York — Shoulder injury)

N. v. J. Corp. — $995,000 (Court of Claims, New York County — Bilateral fractures of heel bones)

C. v. F. Corp. — $865,000 (Supreme Court, Kings County — Passenger in motor vehicle accident sustained multiple fractures of pelvis)

U. v. J. — $775,000 (Supreme Court, Nassau County — motorcyclist in mva sustained multiple fractures/internal injuries)

O. v. ABC Bus Corp. — $750,000 (Federal Court, Southern District, New York — Enucleation of eye from bus accident)

R. v. K. — $735,000 (Supreme Court, Suffolk County — Spinal surgery)

G. v. PM & T Corp. — $640,000 settlement, plus full waiver of Worker's Compensation lien (Federal Court, Southern District of New York — Products Liability Case — Partial Loss of 3 Fingers)

D. v. S.C. Inc. — $625,000 (Supreme Court, New York County — Trimalleolar ankle fracture; pain and suffering)

S. v. L. — $535,000 (Supreme Court, New York County — Facial disfigurement; pain and suffering)

P. v. N. — $525,000 (Supreme Court, Queens County — Knee surgery)

C. v. M Realty Corp. — $485,000 (Supreme Court, New York County — Back trauma; pain and suffering)